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"Take the First Step" Campaign

Better Kidney Health Begins With What You Know: Take the First Step for Transplant Referral

Research has proven that kidney transplantation offers advantages over dialysis for most ESRD patients in both quality of life and survival.

National research indicates that women have a lower chance of receiving hemodialysis and kidney transplant than men, but they constitute the majority of living kidney donors.* Within the Network 4 community, the female transplant referral rate is 37.2% compared to the male referral rate of 51.7%.**

The purpose of this campaign is to focus attention on improving the transplant referral rates of women in Network 4. Facilities will be asked to take part in the Take the First Step Campaign to aid those female patients to take the first step and be referred to a transplant center.

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* American Journal of Nephrology. 2005 Sep-Oct;25(5):474-83. Epub 2005 Aug 26.
**Data calculated from ESRD Network 4 facility sample size.