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Get Involved

Be part of the Quality Insights Renal Network 4 action. You can help us by particpating in at least one of the following three levels of opportunities. 
Opportunity Chart

Patient Representative - Active at the Dialysis Facility

Volunteer to be part of the Patient Representative Program at your facility. Patient Representatives have the following expectations: 

  • Act as a liaison to Quality Insights Renal Network 4
  • Participate in facility quality meetings
  • Welcome and mentor new patients
  • Get involved in special projects

Learn more about becoming a Patient Representative.

Patient Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Active with Network 4 Activities and Committees

Volunteer to assist with Network activities in any of the following ways. 

Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs)

Partner with our Quality Improvement (QI) staff to design and conduct Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs) that directly impact the care of the dialysis patient. To achieve the vision of the ESRD Network Program - the right care for every person every time - QIAs assist dialysis providers in transforming quality to make health care:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Patient-Centered
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Equitable

This ultimately transforms health care and improves the quality of care and quality of life for ESRD patients. Time commitments for patient SMEs include:

  • A willingness to participate in 2-4 QIA telephone planning meetings (one hour in duration) during the months of November and December of each year.    
  • A willingness to participate in monthly telephone meetings starting in January and lasting through October of each year.

Learn more about ongoing QIAs

Board of Directors or Medical Review Board Member

Apply to become a full board member on either of our governing boards. 

Learn more about becoming a Board of Directors or Medical Review Board member. 

Network Council Member

  • Serves as the liaison between providers and the Network 
  • Allows providers to ask questions AND provide input into network-related activities
  • One representative appointed from each Dialysis facility
  • One representative appointed from each Transplant facility
  • At least two patient representatives

Patient Advisory Council (PAC) Member

All SMEs are part of the PAC. As a PAC member, you will: 

  • Help Network staff understand what is important to patients
  • Shares useful ideas and experiences
  • Represents the Network at his or her own dialysis facility

Patient Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Active at the National Level

Volunteer with others across the nation to assist the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in any of the following ways. 

National Coordinating Center Learning and Action Network (NCC LAN):


  • Join fellow patients as they meet from all over the country 
  • Join NCC LAN calls to discuss national quality improvement initiatives
  • Attend national quality conferences  
Learn more about what the NCC LAN is working on by visiting the ESRD NCC website

Please contact with any questions about the following ways to get involved. 

Download an application and get involved