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Influenza Vaccination Champions Campaign

Flu Vaccination Champion Badge ImageThe CDC states, “Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like flu, this fall and winter is more important than ever. CDC has worked with vaccine manufacturers to have extra flu vaccine available this flu season.”

In cooperation with CDC’s focus to prevent the spread of the influenza virus during this challenging flu season, CMS has tasked ESRD Networks with:
  • Ensuring dialysis patients receive an influenza vaccination by December 31, 2020. 
  • Providing follow up for patients who have not had an influenza vaccination by December 31 to receive their vaccination in January or February of 2021.
  • Educating and encouraging dialysis facility staff to have an influenza vaccination for the 2020 – 2021 influenza season.
QIRN4 has developed the Influenza Vaccination Champions Campaign to recognize facilities committed to protecting their patients and staff from the seasonal influenza virus. As facilities achieve  Champion status, their names will be published in our monthly newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter on this page of our website.  

Steps to Become a Vaccination Champion

  1. Complete a brief registration.
  2. Complete and post the pledge form (English / Spanish) in an area(s) visible to both patients and staff. 
  3. Achieve 90% influenza vaccination of eligible* patients by December 31. Source: Crown Web Data
  4. Achieve 90% influenza vaccination of eligible* staff by December 31. Facility Attestation

2020 QIRN4 Influenza Vaccination Champions 

Check back frequently for an updated list of facilities that have achieved Champion status. 

Tips for Success

*Additional Resources