Patient Toll-Free Number: 800.548.9205

Facility Status Reporting Tool

Please complete the form below to report the status of your facility's operations in the event of inclement weather or other interruption of normal hours.



3. What caused this interruption of operations?:

4. Select your facility operational status:

5. Have all of your patients been notified of the changes to their treatment schedule? If not, please call Network 4 Patient Services at: (610) 265-2418 ext. 2831:

6. When do you expect normal operations to resume?:



NOTE: Please directly notify the Network for either of these issues: 
  • If any patient does not report for treatment after a weather emergency and you are unable to reach the patient by telephone
  • If you are not able to resume operations when expected
If you would like to speak to a Network staff member about this situation, please call the Network office at (610) 265-2418 and ask to speak to someone from the Emergency Management Team.