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Board Of Directors

Quality Insights Renal Network 4 is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of up to 15* members.  The Board provides leadership and oversight of:  the strategic direction of the organization; performance of management staff in meeting ESRD network contract requirements and deliverables; activities and recommendations of the Network Council, Medical Review Board and Patient Advisory Committee; the financial operation of the Network; and corporate compliance.
The membership of the Board of Directors includes representatives of a variety of health care settings and disciplines relevant to the ESRD population, which may include hospitals, dialysis centers, nursing homes, home health, hospice, dialysis patients and other consumers, physicians, and other clinical and administrative professionals.  Members are selected to be broadly representative of the network service area.
Directors are appointed for three-year terms and generally may serve no more than two consecutive terms.  Terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the directors are appointed each year. Directors are appointed by the Quality Insights, Inc. Board of Directors at the first meeting of the calendar year, or otherwise as vacancies arise. Network 4 directors are not compensated for Board service other than reimbursement of travel-related expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please contact Christopher Brown at (610) 265-2418 ext. 2826 or


Sven T. Berg, MD, MPH, CPE
CEO, Quality Insights
Charleston, WV
Appointed: Ex Officio

Marc Weiner, MD
Hypertension & Kidney Specialists
Lancaster, PA
Appointed to 3-year term in 2020

Jeffrey S. Cicone, MD
Nephrologist, Nephrology Associates, P.A.
Newark, DE
Appointed to 3-year term in 2020

Ellyne Dombro
Dialysis Patient Representative
Appointed: 2021, 3-year term

Denise Fiore, MSW, LSW
DaVita Dialysis
Philadelphia, PA
Appointed to 3-year term in 2019

Suzanne Kirschbaum, RN, CNN
Fresenius Kidney Care
Cranberry Township, PA
Appointed to 3-year term in 2018

Edward Strouse, MSN, RN, BSBA
Crozer Prospect Medical Center Transplant Program
Upland, PA
Appointed to 2-year term in 2019

Hannah Roni Troutman, DO
Clinical Renal Associates
Upland, PA
Appointed to 3-year term in 2019