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Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)

Network Project Lead: Jeannette Shrift

Quality Insights Renal Network 4 is conducting a Vaccination Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) to improve Hepatitis B (HBV) and pneumococcal vaccination rates among dialysis patients. Specifically, Network 4 will work with selected facilities to improve HBV and pneumococcal vaccination rates by at least 5% and spread best practices across the Network. The following strategies will be used to facilitate the achievement of the facility goal:
  • Convening a multi-disciplinary Vaccination Improvement Team (VIT), which includes the patient voice
  • Use of The Standards of Adult Immunization Practices
  • Use of the Plan-Do-Study-Act quality improvement process (PDSA cycle) to address barriers


February 24, 2017 - Vaccination QIA

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