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Improving Transplant Referral
Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)

Network Task Lead: Kou Kha-Moua

AIM: Move toward achieving and sustaining a minimum of 75% total transplant referral rate for eligible patients and at the same time, decrease the identified gender disparity

Goal: Participating facilities are tasked with a 10 percentage point improvement from the baseline total referral rate and a 1 percentage point decrease in the identified gender disparity rate. (Note: This is a multi-year rolling project, facilities will continue with the project if they do not meet the desire outcome of 75% total referral rate and decrease the disparity.)

Timeline: March 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017

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Facility Monthly Reporting Tool 

Due by the end of each month for the end of the month metrics.
(The tool has been emailed to all participating facilities.)

Transplant Referral Toolkit

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Other Resources

PEER Mentoring Resources

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